Hey! I'm Tara Masterson Hally, a designer and sardonist currently based in Brooklyn, New York
  • limited edition souvenir poster for Mattiel's DC show as part of her 2019 tour

  • mini bumper sticker, 8x2.25 inches, 2019. Merch for The Wing, a network of women-focused coworking and community spaces.

  • Promotional artwork for the first Good Listener, a show on Glasgow's community radio station Clyde Built Radio.

  • Print created to celebrate the opening of the The Wing West Hollywood.

  • Animated poster for Grind Your Axe, a Glasgow-based queer night committed to promoting equality in queer parties.

  • Promotional poster commissioned by the venue for a night of avant-garde and experimental music.

    Visually playing with the cliche of this kind of music being inaccessible or abstruse whilst retaining just enough of the letterforms for the information to become legible upon closer inspection.

  • From a series of images created in 2015, exploring the idea of happiness as industry and the capitalist ideal of positivity.

    Exhibited at the 2015 Glasgow School of Art Degree Show. Another image from this series featured in the Fall 2018 print Issue of Goop.

  • Two color screenprinted long sleeve designed for The Wing.

  • Jacket design for Lila Matsumoto's 2018 collection of poems.

  • Two color screenprinted long sleeve tee for Fall 2019 Wing Merch. Designed by me based off of a concept sketch by Nina Lilliebjerg-Heder.

    Design Director - Kirstin Huber Creative Director - Deva Pardue Retail Director - Laura McGinnis Product Development - Chelsea Williams

  • Promotional poster commissioned by the venue.

    Mary Ocher is an experimental musician as well as a visual artist whose aesthetic incorporates superstitious and mystic elements, but with a modern slant. Distilling this style down to 'futurist pagan' the poster features the age-old symbolism of a singular unblinking eye, giving it the ubiquitous iris of a buffering graphic.

  • Instagram Story graphics produced to accompany further marketing materials promoting The Wing's 2018 Cyber Monday Sale.

  • 2 colour risograph a3 poster, 2017.

  • Taken from a series of posters entitled "Do Good Looks Do Good?" submitted for the 2017 Graphic Matters Poster Competition.

    These series of posters attempt to poke fun at the sometimes-self-righteous tendency Graphic Design as an industry grants itself.

  • Personal work exploring still life photography.

  • Cover artwork and design commissioned by the literary zine Front Horse, with the overall theme of 'Food'.

  • Artwork for Glasgow band Objectified's self-titled single.